October 10, 2016  We did chores on our free day, then took a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam and power plant.  Impressive in so many ways--from the huge hydro generators to the 700 foot high dam.  One of the sobering statistics is that the dam leaks about 1500 gallons an hour and we were inside and at the bottom.  Engineers apparently are satisfied with that amount of leakage since its been going on for decades.  

October 11, 2016 Travel day from Glen Canyon Dam/Page, AZ to a National Forest Campground at Jacobs Lake, AZ. Judy captured several photos while Lyle herded the motorhome along some hilly two-lane roads. We'll go by car tomorrow to tour the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and have dinner at the North Rim Lodge.  

October 12, 2016 The trip by car with new RV friends, Don and Charlene Glover, to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is about 40 miles from the RV park.  The Newmar Kountry Klub provided sack lunches, which were consumed as soon as we arrived.  Then off to view the massive expanse of the Grand Canyon from several places near the North Rim Lodge.  Judy and Lyle both took some good photos.  Photos can't completely capture the grandeur, but we'll try as soon as we get fast enough internet.

October 13, 2016  After traveling from Jacobs Lake, AZ to Hatch, UT, we set out to visit Zion National Park.  More superb scenery (two photos to left)  Tomorrow we're supposed to view sunrise at Bryce Canyon National Park, then have breakfast at the lodge.  

October 14, 2016  A gorgeous sunrise at Bryce Canyon was eclipsed by the inspiring sights of this National Park.  Fellow Florida RVers, Susan and Dave Ridgway kindly gave us the car ride through the park. Each of the national parks we've visited have been quite different--showing the diverse effects of wind and water on rock formations.

October 1, 2016  This is the official start of the Newmar Kountry Klub Caravan.  We left Pueblo, CO and ended the day in South Fork, CO.   The map shows our expected route over the next 18 days.  

It didn't take long for us to enjoy the full autumn color of the Rockies and we hope to see more.  Lyle's family owned a feed and seed store in Colorado, so it was with a sense of pride that he pointed out the Feed Store Church in our travels today.  Not sure what denomination it belongs to.  However Lyle's brother, Steve, is an ordained (online) minister, so maybe there's another possible family profession.

October 2, 2016  From South Fork over storied Wolf Creek Pass, through Pagosa Springs, Durango and Mancos, CO. to Mesa Verde.  Highway 160 over Wolf Creek Pass is excellent with passing lanes along the uphill trip--good thing, because we were down to about 35 mph.  Much faster downhill!  There's an RV park near Mesa Verde that took in the entire caravan.  We'll be here for four days while traveling to the various sites.  Temperatures dropped into the high 30s this morning, but warmed up nicely.  We are posting photos from near the summit of Wolf Creek Pass.  Another day of stunning fall colors.

Right:  View from top of Glen Canyon Dam looking at the Colorado River flow.

October 3, 2016 We spent the afternoon at Mesa Verde National Park.  Although Lyle grew up in Colorado, this was his first visit--and Judy's--to a civilization that dates back to 500 a.d.  It was a very difficult existence, but the area was inhabited by tens of thousands.  

Judy went on an up-close-and-personal tour of one of the sites.  Lyle was set to go, too, until he learned there was a 12 ft long tunnel barely 18" wide.  His claustrophobia overruled the event.  Judy took a photo of one of our group in the tunnel.  It ratified Lyle's decision.

October 4, 2016 This was a day-long journey from our RV park near Mesa Verde to Durango and then to Silverton.  We then boarded the Durango and Silvteron Narrow Gauge train back to Durango.  Spectacular scenery and amazing views of men's efforts to carve a narrow rail system through and along solid rock!  The photos tell better than words.

October 18, 2016 These last four photos are from Canyonland National Park, including the Upheaval Dome (top) and Mesa Arch (below).

This is the last day of our Newmar Caravan, hosted by Phyllis and Jerry Rose.  They worked hard to keep the herd of motorhomes together--and did a wonderful job. The weather has been perfect, as you can tell from the photos.  After a farewell dinner tonight, we head for home tomorrow.  We'll take I-70 with a stop in Boulder to Lyle's son and his family.  Judy and Lyle had a wonderful time, saw wonderful scenery and met some wonderful people.   Thanks for following along!

Nature's art work on the side of a sandstone cliff

October 16, 2016  Scenery on the drive from Hatch, Utah (Bryce Canyon) to Moab was more varied and ruggedly beautiful than we expected.  Judy captured the muted autumn colors during our drive along the Sevier River. Tonight we enjoyed dinner and a boat ride on the Colorado River through towering canyons.  The boat ride featured an impressive light show on the canyon walls, but mother nature trumped that with a magical full moon rise over the Colorado River during our cruise.  Judy and Lyle agreed they had never seen anything like it.  During dinner we could opt for Newmar approved non-alcoholic beverages, but for those who wanted a variety of beers, including a regional craft beer, see photo to the far right.

Near right, we believe, is the landmark known as Mary's Nipple.   We couldn't make up stuff like that.

October 17, 2016  This morning we joined crowds going into Arches National Park.  More impressive sights and lots of arches!

Came back to the motorhome after a late lunch for Lyle to hose the thick layer of dust off the back of the coach and bugs off the front.  Judy enjoyed her leisure time doing laundry.  Ahh, the joys of life on the road.  Photos to the right are from Arches including an overview panorama (with no arches visible).

October 9, 2016 The event of the day was a boat tour of Lake Powell.  We boarded the boat just north of the Glen Canyon Dam and "explored" four different arms or canyons of the lake.  This evening was an impromptu hot dog and brat roast around a bonfire.  Weather again was perfect, as you can see from the photos.  Tomorrow is a free day to get caught up on various chores.  Then, off to the Grand Canyon on Tuesday.

October 6, 2016  Fresh? from a day-off of travel and sightseeing, we headed west and south.  First stop, the four corners monument and doing the obligatory stand on four states at once.  Then, on to Monument Valley, Utah.

Scenery is unlike any we've seen before--and amazing.  Photos to right are several views from the RV park.   Judy took several more "monuments" on the way to the RV park.  It looks like there is greenery--mainly trees near us.  However, no grass.  It was not apparent until one of the members of the caravan reported his dog would only relieve itself on grass.  No grass in sight.  

October 7, 2016  A dusty tour of Monument Valley this afternoon, complete with Indian fried bread.  Delicious.  Judy captured the Mittens--left and right as well as the hogan hut that the Navajo people have used for centuries.  Still no grass in sight.  Wonder how that dog is doing.  Tomorrow on to Waheep, AZ and the shores of Lake Powell.

October 8, 2016  ​We traveled about two hours south and west back into Arizona and across the Glen Canyon Dam to Waheep Marina and RV Resort on the shores of Lake Powell.  First class RV facility.  In the afternoon we went to Lower Antelope Canyon for a walking (climbing) tour.  The first view (right) did not prepare us for the grandeur of water and wind sculptured sandstone.  Some pretty narrow passages and steep climbs were rewarded with photos to the bottom and right.

Finished off the day with barbeque at Big John's Texas BBQ in Page, AZ.  Very good!

Left:  Judy getting the same photo of the Animas River with steam from the train engine in the center of the photo.

Right:  We were really that close to the edge of a rock cliff dropping hundreds of feet to the river.

Below:  Our tour group!

October 15, 2016 So, we went back to Bryce Canyon today for a hike to Queen's Garden--less than a mile hike, one way, but with a 320 foot drop.  That meant a 320 foot climb to get out. The close-encounters with the canyon features were really cool--and another bunch of photos (right and below).  We travel to Moab, Utah tomorrow, so not much sight seeing.  After that Arches and Canyonland National Parks before the caravan ends.

 Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack