Motorhome Experiences of Judy and Lyle Dean Lebsack

December 29, 2020

This is our last post of 2020.  Thank God!  Judy and Lyle remain healthy, socially isolated as much as possible at our RV site in Florida.  We remain concerned at the number of people who refuse to wear masks and/or social distance, including our neighbors in the RV resort.  This cavalier approach comes despite their own relatives or neighbors have contracted the virus.   By those comments, you know where we stand--not politically, but on observing the best medical advice.   We worry that even though vaccine is coming, thousands more will die needlessly.  We're trying not to be among those. The temporary inconvenience seems a small price to pay.

We wish you a happy, safe and healthy New Year!!

January 8,2021​​.

October 20, 2020

Lyle took the coach to Spartan Factory Service in Charlotte, MI.  Spartan manufactoures the chassis for this particular coach.

Tech were able to get servicing done in one day, allowing us to park in front of the villa in St. Joseph for a day of loading and organizing.  

October 22, 2020

Heavy rains over night and as we were leaving.  Our plans to travel to Colorado and then Arkansas enroute to Florida.  Weather and Covid-19 caused a change in plans, even though we will miss seeing family this trip.

Rain ended within a half and hour of our southbound journey, followed by sunshine!!

When we stopped for lunch at an Interstate rest stop south of Indianapolis, it was a very warm 83 degrees.  Yay!   

Tonight's stay is about an hour south of Louisville.  Tomorrow's goal somewhere in the middle of Alabama.  You may be wondering about the route.  We will do almost anything to avoid driving through Atlanta with its traffic congestion.

October 23, 2020

Our trip was delayed in Kentucky as Lyle sought medical treatment in Elizabethtown, KY for "male plumbing" issues.  But once on the way again, we made it to White House, TN and a Walmart parking lot.  Thank you, Walmart!.  Next night:  Dothan, AL via I-65 and US 231.  Our stay was at a Bingo Casino RV Park called Hidden Hollow.  Very nice, but it certainly was hidden!  

We made it all the way to Southwest FL RV Service the next day--about 500 miles.  Scott, our go-to service guy checked out a couple of issues and sent us on our way to our home park in Ft. Myers.  We are relieved and happy to be off the road and getting settled for the winter.  Health issues have been resolved. All good.  Masks and social distancing have been and will continue the rule.  We hope you are staying safe and healthy, too!