Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack

The annual Skipper Bud's Captain-Led Cruise started quietly enough with a beautiful sunrise as Heidi Ho left Chicago's Burnham Harbor.  Lyle and Judy planned fuel at Skipper Bud's Northpoint and rendezvous with Private Reserve, Deja Blue and Sea Haven.  Lyle was aware of a small fuel leak at the fuel pump of the port engine and did not want to cross Lake Michigan until it was repaired.  Al, the magician and tech at Skipper Bud's, fashioned a repair that put us underway only an hour behind schedule.  

Cruising conditions were nearly ideal to cross to Pentwater, MI where Lyle had made arrangements for the four boats to stay overnight.  We were alerted by the fifth boater, Kathy from Kat Nap, that Snug Harbor Marina in Pentwater was full and would not honor the reservations.  As soon as we had cell phone contact, Lyle spent a long time on the phone with Snug Harbor--without satisfaction.  Thus, plan B!  He found "room in the inn" at Ludington Municipal Marina--actually a nicer place.  Marina staff was helpful and friendly.  Sometimes things work out (if you're counting, that's at least three times so far on the first day of the cruise).  Ron aboard Kat Nap journeyed from Grand Haven to join the cruise.  Kathy from Kat Nap will join us in a few days.

Happy hour allows all sorts of communications between us, not the least of which is what we forgot to pack for the trip.  In one case it was underwear and the person in question found Walgreens really does have just about everything!   Sorry, no photos--happy hour didn't last that long. 

First Day Photos show sunrise out of Chicago, Private Reserve with Webb and Kathy, Sea Haven with Steve and Joyce, and Deja Blu with Gary, Kathy and Katie nearing Ludington, MI.   The last photo shows the group of boats at rest in Ludington.