Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack

Day two started just about perfect.  Leaving Ludington in glass-smooth seas.  Not long after clearing the breakwater, however, Sea Haven (Steve and Joyce) radioed a problem.  One engine not functioning.  The engine was fine, but there was no forward motion from that engine.  After various guesses from the other captains and after phone calls trying to locate a marine lift, we followed Sea Haven to Manistee.  A diver confirmed that a portion of the drive shaft had snapped and that portion plus the prop were gone.  Steve made arrangements to consult Monday morning with Bill Wood at Skipper Bud's to try for a quick fix so they can rejoin the group.  

The other four boats made it to our original destination of Frankfort, without Sea Haven.  All the boats fueled up, taking several hundred gallons each.  We were followed by a one hundred foot yacht which took 2800 gallons!  Dinner tonight was "catered" by Jacobson's Marina delivered to our boats.  Several of us had slow smoked pork ribs, Several had scallops or crab legs.  Really good!  Then after a visit to Kilwins for ice cream, we walked to the beach to see sunset.  Sure enough, it did.  Tomorrow its on to Elk Rapids.  

Photos:  After dinner visit to Kilwin's and a rustic welcome to Frankfort