Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack

Last night the group went to Pearl's New Orleans Restaurant, since it had been recommended by several people.  Lots of fun!  Some new taste treats--well, new tastes, at least.  A good time and good food.  But when the waitress said something was a little spicy, she really meant SPICY!.  Only Gary and Steve seemed quite comfortable with the stuffed jalapeno in our bloody mary's.  The bleu cheese stuffing was from another (hot) planet!   Lyle liked the pickled carrots and pickled garlic clove.   And, yes, that is a crawfish sitting atop the bloody mary!  

Judy captured the name of a boat here in Elk Rapids.  Wondering if it belongs to a pastor.

The day-four activity was a dinghy portage over a dam in Elk Rapids to Elk Lake, which connects to another lake, which connects to Torch River.  On the map it looked like a short jaunt.  Anything but!  We (11 of us) took three dinghys, leaving at 11 a.m. and getting back after 4.  Torch River is a landmine of underwater obstacles, mainly tree stumps, and not well marked.  Yet, thousands of people have made this picturesque river their summer homes.  Some are simple (homes not people), others bordering on elegant.  

Lunch for part of the group was at Fabiano's-on-the-River.  Good sandwiches, garlic bread and cheese bread.  Oh, and cold beer!  The other part of the group traveled on to Dockside restaurant.

Nature displays some amazing artwork.  Note the twisted dead tree at the edge of our boating channel and another Elk Rapids sunset.

Dinner tonight (and happy hour) was dockside utilizing the marina grills.  Another chance to socialize, swap stories and plan the next phase of our trip.

Windy and stormy conditions are possible at times tomorrow, the day we move about 30 miles to Charlevoix.  We'll keep you posted.