Motorhome Experiences of Judy and Lyle Dean Lebsack

March 2020 

While mapping itineraries for the coming travel season, we ran into a significant issue--the corona virus.  The lives of nearly every American have been significantly affected, so a travel itinerary is a small thing.  We remain under self-imposed containment in the motor home in Ft. Myers Beach.  This is NOT a complaint, especially after seeing the hardships millions of other Americans are facing. So far, Judy and I are well--and trying to stay that way.  We hope wherever you are, the same.

If the situation permits, we will leave FL toward the end of April and work our way back to Michigan.

April 2020

Like many/most Americans we are staying put here in Florida.  Our departure was to be April 25th, but all things considered, we're probably safer here in a nearly empty RV park with ability to have groceries delivered than venturing out.  Another factor is that wherever our destination, we would still be isolated from grandchildren, children and friends until the pandemic subsides.   So here we are.  Be safe wherever you are.  And, of course, stay healthy..

This addendum comes on April 18th.  More residents of the RV park have pulled out for various destinations.  Others, like us, realize this spot may be best for now.  Lyle checked with our RV park in Michigan, where we were to be in early May.  The state of Michigan's Shelter In Place program has closed that RV park except for those already there.  So we don't have a place there, for now.   Our situation here in FL seems, by comparison, good.  Yet, the threat of more heartache for the sick and those who are unemployed also seems to be growing..  Pray for them, please.  

May 1, 2020

Well, we're still here (Ft. Myers).  No convincing evidence that we would be safer anywhere else.  Groceries delivered to our door.  Weather nice.  Social distancing easy.  Other than political stupidity in FL--easily matched by many other states--we believe our situation is about as good as we can get anywhere else.  Updates as available.

May 23, 2020

The self-imposed isolation is getting easier as more and more residents of the RV park have headed north.  Now, however, the park is again open to visiting RVs.  We don't feel our health is threatened by the visitors, but our Michigan RV is finally opening, so we plan to work our way north by the end of May.  We've started the process of storing, cleaning and getting ready for the migration.  Surprising how many "little" tasks suddenly fill the days.  

June 1, 2020

On our way!  We left Fort Myers Beach early to keep a service appointment in beautiful Alva, FL.  We were back on the highway by noon, spending the night north of Ocala.  

All systems seem to be good, weather hot.  We left Ocala after a fuel stop, then crossed the FL panhandle on I-10 to U.S. 231.  The idea is to avoid Atlanta and Chattanooga because of traffic and, more recently, demonstrations.  The most welcome news on the trip so far is the amazing lack of bugs--the horrible love bugs, in particular.  Staying in FL a month longer than planned gave us the seasonal bug reprieve.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, we plan to stay north of Nashville.  

​June 10, 2020

Back to our summer home in Michigan.  A lot of bumps (on the road) but very few bruises.  Lyle seems to have forgotten the stress of traveling through Nashville and Indianapolis during busy traffic times.  In our case, the journey through or around those cities came at the end of a long day of driving.  Bad planning.  We avoided Atlanta for all those reasons.  But....we're here and unpacking at a relaxed pace.

July 31, 2020

Covid-19 has forced changes in everybody's summer.  In our case, plans for a motor home trip to Colorado and Arkansas to visit family did not seem wise.  Also, our fall trip to New York City (parking in New Jersey) with further stops down the eastern shore was scrubbed--mainly because the uncertainty that far out.  Masks and social distancing are standard, along with avoiding places where those standards are not being met.  Too cautious?  Who knows?