Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack


Still in Whitehorse.  Visited the Beringia Center to learn of ancient land and animals during a time when there was a land bridge between what is now Siberia and Alaska.  Very interesting and did not know the name of this subcontinent region was called Beringia.   Guide showed some of our group how to throw a type of spear used by natives then.  Outside the center, Judy encountered a very large, but friendly beaver.  Tomorrow's trip is Destruction Bay, YK.  Probably no cell service, but after that we re-enter the U.S.  

P.S. Happy Father's Day!


Pulled out of Whitehorse about 10 a.m.  Not the best stretch of the Alaska Highway we've encountered, but no major hills to go up (or down).  We're in Destruction Bay.  Not much here and cell service is weak, so we'll see if the photos get loaded to this page.  Nice scenery along the way, but NO wildlife (unless you count mosquitoes). One couple stopped to hike for a while and were attacked by vicious or hungry mosquitoes.  We are so far north that satellite TV does not work (satellites are too far south) but we have plenty of daylight--from 4:30 a.m. to 11:37 p.m.  The owner of the park provided a wonderful  barbeque dinner and musical entertainment.  To the right are photos Judy took from the coach on our ride today.


Tok, AK is, in every respect, a small town on the eastern edge of Alaska.  The Tok RV Village featured a pressure wash station and discount fuel just across the street.  We used our time to do laundry, write and wash the coach.  We also needed time to rest after an extremely rough trip from Destruction Bay.

The roadsides were covered with these flowers--quite pretty when thousands are seen together!  Below:  View from our RV park in Destruction Bay.  

Our coach nestled among the pines at Tok RV Village.  Yes, it is as "cozy" as it looks!


Out of Skagway and up the long climb to the White Pass summit on our way to Whitehorse, YK.  The 100 mile scenic drive was uneventful (our preference).  One of the wonders of this area is not only the number of dandelions but the size--knee high!  The RV park in Whitehorse is pretty sparse, but with water, electric sewer and cable connections!  Photos to the right are from today's drive along Yukon route 2.