7/31/16  This was a "bonus" day.  Because of an error in Lyle's planning, we didn't have time to get to Glacier National Park yesterday.  Today, however, was a shorter planned travel day from Kalispell to Missoula, so we opted to take U.S. Highway 2 along the southern edge of Glacier Ntl Park.  Not as spectacular as driving through the middle of the park, we guess, but a very pretty drive from West Glacier to East Glacier.  East Glacier is not much, but it has some charming qualities--Two Medicine Grill, Whistling Swan Motel, and even a library (photos to the left).  We had breakfast at the Two Medicine Grill.  Lyle's medicine was "Forest Fire Breakfast Sandwich", featuring bacon dipped in Frank's Red Hot Sauce.  Delicious, but powerful medicine!  As you can tell by the photo, Two Medicine Grill featured homemade pie for strength pie.  We took some to go.  From West Glacier, we traveled south and back west to Missoula. Photos left: This IS big sky country!  Lots of wide open spaces, not many people and good grazing for cattle. Had cruise control on and not paying too much attention to the engine temp.  Nearing the apex of a long, long hill, Lyle noticed the engine temp had nearly reached the danger zone.  We took it a lot easier--and slower--and all was good.

Our stay tonight is at Jim and Mary's RV Park in Missoula.  Nice place and amazing flower gardens that Judy captured for you.

7/28/16 If you have already traveled between Banff and Jasper through the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, you already know how spectacular they are.  If you haven't (like us) please put it on your bucket list.  Great and changing scenery! But for all the ruggedness, Judy captured the delicate beauty of a roadside flower. Lyle's daily favorite, however, is the bull elk who seems to be talking to him.  

Operationally, one of the leveling jacks seems slow to retract.  Trying to troubleshoot it.  Otherwise, all systems seem good.  Had lunch and a break in Jasper.  Quiet compared to Banff.  Nice. We're east of Jasper tonight, just outside the national park.  Tomorrow we plan to venture into British Columbia--barely--to start our way south.

7/29/16  After fueling up in Hinton, AB this morning, we retraced our route south (there aren't many routes here) and turned west on the TransCanada highway 1. Surprising to us was how many different sights we saw coming from the opposite direction. Our stay tonight is in Golden, BC.

7/30/16 Heading south from Golden, BC, this is our last morning in Canada (for this trip).  We traveled between two mountain ranges and enjoyed the lush mountain meadows, along with lakes and rivers.  It wasn't the rugged granite peaks we saw for several days, but we hope you can see from the photos, it was a very nice drive. We crossed the border at Roosville, MT around noon, then on to Kalispell for the night.  

 Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack

7/27/16 Calgary to Banff is only two hours, but a world apart!  The rugged majesty of the Canadian Rockies wowed us.  The drive was easy on the TransCanada highway.  With every mile, the views got better and better! 

We had to wait for about an hour for the previous occupant of our assigned RV parking.  After that we took the free shuttle bus into town (free going to town, $2.00 to get back), bought tickets for the gondola ride to the top of a mountain.  More inspiring views.  

The photos on this page are from Judy's really smart phone.

Stopped for an early dinner in town, then walked to the beautiful Banff gardens.  Before we returned to the motorhome, stopped for dessert.  Both of us rationalized that as a necessary part of vacation.

Tomorrow, we travel the length of the Banff National Park to Jasper.  Should be more ooh's and ahh's.  We'll try to justify the sentiments in photos.