7/21/16 Cloudy, drizzly trip from Wawa to Marathon, Ontario --about two hours--but we got ahead of a storm that was supposed to hit Wawa and regions south. Temperatures here are in the 60's this afternoon, but about an hour of sunshine before more clouds rolled in. Sorry if you're reading  this in the heat warning regions.  

The RV park in Marathon is roomy and picturesque.  We pulled in early enough to do a few chores and Lyle managed a cherished nap.  Since we're "out in the country"  Judy is catching up on her reading and planning a dinner aboard tonight.   Photo to left is Penn Lake at Marathon  Moving to Thunder Bay tomorrow.

7/22/2016 Left Marathon around 7 a.m. and skipped Thunder Bay KOA RV Park, paying their substantial cancellation fee, but we put another couple of hours of travel--arriving at Ignace, Ontario in time to relax and enjoy a beautiful day.  Davy Lake RV Park is okay.  Friendly people, but facilities should not rate as high as Good Sam's has them.  

Part of the day we traveled fairly close to beautiful Lake Superior.  The rest of the time seemed like we were in road construction.  Sometimes both at once.

Tomorrow we plan to "camp" on the shores of Lake of the Woods near Sioux Narrows.

One incident of note:  We came upon part of a truck tire tread.  Rather than a dangerous swerve, Lyle decided to "straddle" it.  That worked.  Until it hit the full-width mud flap at the back of the motor home.  The force broke one side of the steel bar holding the rubber flap, leaving it dragging behind us until another RV (Canadian) waved us down and helped us remove it. I offered him payment, he declined saying "its what we do up here."

7/23 and 7/24  Stayed at Tomahawk Campgrounds in Sioux Narrows.  Very pretty place with a modern marina and modern cabins for rent in addition to the RV sites.  We washed the road grime off the RV and then it rained--long and hard with thunder and lightning.  Quite a show!

Interesting is the trash areas are steel cages to keep out bears and other large critters.  Judy was not amused at the prospect.  

We are spending Sunday night at the Town and Country RV Park near Winnipeg.  Pretty tight getting the motorhome into the park and parking spot.  Leaving tomorrow looks like even more of a challenge.  Lyle submits the name is only half correct--there is no town and it definitely is country.

7/25/16  Nice, flat six-hour drive across Manitoba and part of Saskatchewan today.  Our destination was Kings Acres RV Park on the east side of Regina.  Lyle noted that their website shows better than the real place.  A little seedy, little muddy with only 30 amp service when the website showed 50 amp.  

7/26/16 Today we really found out how flat most of Saskatchewan is driving eight hours from Regina to Calgary.  The last three hours was less flat--much like the Nebraska sandhills with plenty of grazing land, some wheat and canola.  All looked very healthy. Our lodging tonight is at Mountain View RV Park.  After Lyle made the reservation weeks ago, he started seeing some negative reviews.  We found it to be clean with all facilities working.  

Our view from the road of the world's largest teepee.

Lake Superior near Rossport, Ontario‚Äč

 Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack

7/18/16 On the road by 1:15 p.m. from Berrien Springs, MI.  Destination: Elk Rapids, MI to spend several days with boating friends now that we have begun cruising by land.  Roads traveling north through Michigan were generally smooth, so it was a pleasant ride, with good weather.  Arrived just after 5 p.m. and hooked up to 50 amp marine power using an adapter Lyle had specially made for this occasion.  Hope its not the last time we use it.  Dinner tonight was at Pearl's New Orleans Cafe--always an adventure in good dining!  

7/19/16 Great day for boating (sunshine and light breezes).  Photos to right show our special parking spot at the marina--and our view of Grand Traverse Bay.  Marina staffer took us to Farmer White's to purchase legendary cherry pies. We'll report.

7/20/16 Cherry pie report:  Wonderful!  The group went to Siren Hall restaurant in Elk Rapids for dinner last night.  Interesting menu, but perhaps the most interesting was that the restaurant charged for bread!  It was good, but none of us had experienced that charge before.  We did manage a group photo after dinner.  

We met for breakfast and goodbyes this morning at the Harbor Cafe.  Good food and great service!  

A word about this group of boaters (and former).  They have cruised together on Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior for a dozen years.  We've shared good times and some not so good life happenings, but through it all friendships deepened.  Judy and Lyle are fortunate to again meet up with them in Elk Rapids.  

After breakfast, the motorhome hit the road for its first trip across the Mackinac Bridge and first crossing into Canada at Sioux Ste. Marie.  Then on to highway 17 along the shore of Lake Superior to Wawa, ON to spend the night.  It  was a 6 hour trip and included a stop to photograph the magnificent vista.