Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack

Monday, August 3.  After a day of storms--wind and rain--the day dawned bright, beautiful and relatively calm.  Webb and Kathy on Private Reserve left the dock around 6 a.m. heading home across the Lake to Prairie Harbor.  Webb emailed about an hour later that they were in 2 ft waves at the mouth of Little Traverse Bay.  Not great, but it didn't slow them down much.

Private Reserve texted that seas were bad enough that they decided to stay in Frankfort for the night.  

Deja Blu, Sea Haven and Heidi Ho left Bay Harbor about 10 a.m. for Leland.  Slow going because of 2 to 4 ft seas, but not terrible.  Pulled into Leland at 12:30 p.m.--fueled two of the boats, docked and then shopped.  Lots of nice little shops in Leland.  One fortunate break--last night's storm knocked out most of the credit card systems in stores, so the shopping spree was limited to cash, and who uses cash anymore?  

Winds turned northerly and picked up in the late afternoon.  Had to retie the boats.  Still some movement at the docks.

Tuesday, August 4:  Northwest winds continue, but seem to abate by 9 a.m.  So the three boats left Leland for Ludington.  Parts of the 80 miles trip were bumpy, but gradually smoothed out.  Enjoyed dinner aboard the Heidi Ho.  The other two boats brought their burgers and we used the onboard gas grill.  Good time and the last time this cruise group will be together this season.  All three boats will cross Lake Michigan tomorrow, but with different  destinations. 

We crossed early on Wednesday, August 5--leaving Ludington at 7 a.m.  Initially, we had 2 ft seas from the northwest and we were going southwest.  But later it smoothed out to glass calm.  Nice running.  After 5 1/2 hours, Heidi Ho pulled into Burnham Harbor, Chicago.  The photo, through the windshield, was taken about 15 miles out.

Another wonderful cruise with boaters who have become good friends!

Photo at left:  After dinner at sunset in Bay Harbor.   Rain gear just in case.