Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack

Weatherwise, another glorious day!  Left Frankfort in glass-like seas for the 3 hour cruise, without Giligan, to Elk Rapids.

Heard from Steve on Sea Haven.  Pulling the boat from the water confirmed the diver's diagnosis, plus a little fiberglas damage where the prop hit.  

Prognosis:  It should be back in the water (and repaired with parts replaced) by Thursday.  That will allow them to rejoin the group by boat.  They rented a car to drive from Manistee to Elk Rapids.  

Heidi Ho hit something in the Manitou Passage on the way to Elk Rapids.  Sharp loud bang, but no apparent damage to the running gear and no water leaking in.  So unless other symptoms show, we'll have a diver take a look in Charlevoix, our next stop.

Photos:  Kat Nap, Deja Blue and Private Reserve taken from Heidi Ho in Manitou Passage.   Left:  Leaving Frankfort. 

Bottom left: Magnificent sand dunes just east of Manitou Passage.  At the end of the day--after sunset, the view from Heidi Ho in Elk Rapids, MI.