Motorhome Experiences of Lyle Dean and Judy Lebsack

Well, at the start of our second week, the group is beginning to change--picking up two new boats for our stay in Bay Harbor, and losing one--Kat Nap--whose crew has obligations back home on Monday.  Tomorrow, part of the group goes on to Mackinac Island and another boat heads home.  That was the purpose of a "harbor hop" cruise--to allow boaters to join and/or leave as their schedules dictated.

The weather is bright and sunny, though a bit breezy.

The first photo is from happy hour last night, to present an autographed toaster to Joyce from Sea Haven.  Seems her husband wouldn't allow her to have a toaster aboard.  Having everybody sign it makes it less likely he can get rid of it!

Sunday--Ron aboard Kat Nap made it safely back to Grand Haven, despite 3 to 5 ft. seas on part of the trip.  The rest of the group decided to stay an extra night in Bay Harbor because of strong winds, waves and thunderstorms in the Sunday forecast.  The worst of the morning storms passed north of us--and they were mean looking!  We also got heavy rain, several times. Happy to be in port. 

Last night's happy hour was aboard Private Reserve and the entire group wore their new Skipper Bud's Cruise Club shirts, which arrived yesterday.  Thank you, Betsey Arvai at Skipper Bud's.

Bay Harbor takes hanging plant displays to a new level--photo at lower left.