Early Preparations and Maintenance:

January:  Continuing problems with Precision Temp Jr propane furnace and on-demand water heater.  Had not performed properly since we purchased the Ventana (used). Called Gary at Precision Temp.  He walked Lyle through several troubleshooting modes, but when the carbon monoxide detector went off, Judy lost her sense of humor.  Called Precision Temp again, they connected me with SRV Services.  Scott had been trained by Precision Temp.  He knew exactly what to look for and had things working properly even on a rainy night in FL. Works well now.  Have had Scott and his partner out again to troubleshoot the Norcold Refrigerator and replace fogged headlights and water-filled fog lights.  Very satisfied with this team!!

Making plans for trip back to Michigan in May, Battle Creek Balloon Festival in July, trip into Canada, Rockies, and Colorado in late July and August, then Newmar Kountry Klub Caravan to the Southwestern states in early October.  Lots of travel.  Lets hope for the best!

Our home for the winter has been Gulf Waters RV Resort--a nicely landscaped, roomy and socially active community in Fort Myers Beach.  We made a lot of friends, admired the volunteers who prepared dinners and dances and look forward to coming back next fall.

4/1/2016 We moved to an upgraded site, nicely landscaped and nice view!  However, in connecting the 50 amp power at the new site, Lyle noticed intermittent power.  The breaker at the pedestal was okay, the connector on the cable was apparently okay, so he focused on the Glendinning cable retractor for a possible loose connection. When he touched the cable on the reel, it felt very warm--as in hot.  He called SRV Services again (we're becoming well-acquainted).  Scott suggested the design of the Glendinning makes it susceptible to failure.  Replacing it is one option ($650 plus) or removing it completely and manually coiling the power cable.   Since Lyle had recently purchased a Surge Guard Voltage Booster, the power budget was gone.  Scott installed the Voltage Booster in place of the power reel.  Nice arrangement and good protection against low voltage at some RV parks.

5/3/2016  Pulled out of Gulf Waters RV Resort in Ft. Myers Beach mid-afternoon, stopped for fuel and then stopped again to weigh the motorhome.  After reading about problems from over-loading front axles of motorhomes, Lyle was concerned.  Needn't have been.  All axles have hundreds and hundreds of "spare pounds".  Judy is following the motorhome in the SUV and is proud of her ability to get much, much better fuel economy than when Lyle is driving it.

We pulled into a Florida Interstate Rest Stop near Ocala around 9 p.m. because we were waiting for storms and a cold front to pass.  Storms did not materialize and early this morning we had a few showers.  But we got a rest!

5/4/2016 Today we traveled up I-75 to I-10 and across to U.S. 231.  Road surfaces were very smooth all the way to Dothan, AL and the Cherry Blossom RV Park.  We had a ceramic/hydrophobic coating applied to the front of the motorhome before we left Ft. Myers, with the promise that all we had to do is wipe off the day's collection of dead bugs with a damp cloth.  We were both amazed that is exactly what happened.   Love it when a plan comes together!    Not so great was the search in Dothan for a windshield wiper arm (not the blade).  Ours snapped during the brief rain and wind near Ocala this morning.   After five different stops in Dothan, Lyle gave up and will call the motorhome manufacturer in the morning. Fortunately, that hydrophobic coating acts like Rain-X and water just beads up and runs off the windshield, making wipers less necessary.

5/5/2016  From Dothan, AL to Cornersville, TN.  Great roads (U.S. 231 to I-65) strong NW winds.  Our stay was at the Texas T RV Park.  Rustic is an accurate description, but it sufficed.  

5/6/2016  Our travels today saw the dubious pleasure of driving the motorhome through Nashville, then Louisville, then Indianapolis (during Friday afternoon rush hour).  All three cities featured heavy traffic and construction.   Note that we chose a route that avoided Atlanta and Chattanooga.  Tonight's stay is Timberline RV park near Anderson, IN.  Pretty place and pretty hard to find.  Now that we know where it is, it would be on our re-visit list going back and forth from FL.   Another damp microfiber cloth wiped the bugs from the front of the motorhome!  We're still amazed at the coating I described earlier. Tomorrow's goal is Berrien Springs, MI, the summer home of the RV.  Lyle promises to get caught up on loading photos.  

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